Welcome to the 4.0 version of my photography website! 2016 is the tenth anniversary of the site, and my seventeenth year doing photography.

The main reason for the move to a new site is to enable a much requested feature: print sales. You can buy prints directly from the site, and they will be delivered to you from my partner labs in the UK or the US. There is also the possibility to buy digital files of the photographs for web usage.

The first version of the site went live in early 2006, the second version in late 2008, and the third version in November of 2013. My site has been very popular with visitors from the US: previously they consisted 40% of my visitors. But now Russia has taken over, at 23% of all visitors, and US dropped to 17% total. Netherlands is at 10%, followed by Brazil, unknown, Germany, Ukraine and the UK. I had single visitors from such places as Botswana, Laos, Madagascar and Zambia.

About a tenth of all users were repeat visitors - I'm glad to see this, and thanks for checking in!

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