About my photography

When I look back at my first twenty or so years of photography, I am struck by the frequent portrayals of man conquering nature: massive structures rivalling those of Mother Nature, or artificial light penetrating natural darkness. The photographs of pure nature in my portfolio are mostly minimalistic, even austere. This has not been a conscious choice. I am sure the outside observer (you) will see other patterns which are not apparent to my glasses tinted with subjectivity.

Those of you who know me personally know I possess the typical Finnish detachment, which I'm sure is reflected in my photographs. Whether that detachment lends itself to objective portrayal, honest interpretation, or a single-minded dedication to aesthetics is for the viewer to decide. Whatever the case, these photographs of cities, bridges and landscapes are also of me.

About me

I was born in 1975 in Finland, and am fortunate to have lived in five countries and visited over forty. I currently reside in the Netherlands and work in corporate finance.

Travel and photography have always come together for me, and I started striving for beautiful images instead of mere snapshots around the time I started my travels in the mid nineties. Photography was a natural way to combine my passion for travel and beauty.

Photograph by Leonardo Graterol

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